What is Montessori?

New to Montessori? Here’s a quick rundown!

Founded by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s, the Montessori philosophy centers on the belief that the crucial period for learning occurs during the first six years of life, known as the Absorbent Mind. Driven by the conviction that children thrive when provided developmentally appropriate materials and opportunities for self-motivation and independence, Montessori introduced the concept of self-directed learning overseen by a guiding teacher, or directress.

This approach is further enhanced through mixed-age groupings, which foster confidence, independence, and leadership skills among children. Within the virtual classroom, five distinct sections—Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, and Cultural—create a holistic environment that nurtures diverse aspects of a child’s development.

Why Montessori?

Within our Montessori-inspired approach, mixed-age, family-like communities are intentionally nurtured, providing a supportive setting where trust, autonomy, and valuable social skills naturally develop among the children.

One of the distinct advantages of our program is the provision of uninterrupted work time, allowing children to immerse themselves fully in their tasks and explore their interests without disruption.

Our Montessori philosophy empowers children to develop executive function skills and engage in profound learning experiences, fostering their ability to think critically, plan, and manage their tasks effectively.

Designed with scientific precision, our Montessori Learning Materials are thoughtfully adapted from common household items, ensuring a tangible and relatable connection to the learning process for the children.

The Montessori Materials serve a dual purpose by allowing us to tailor the educational journey to each child’s pace and interests, while still adhering to a structured, sequential, and intellectually stimulating curriculum.

Our team of highly trained Montessori Teachers play a pivotal role in guiding each child’s educational voyage, offering personalized support and encouragement to help them reach their fullest potential.

In our nurturing virtual environment, our dedicated Teachers not only guide but also motivate and inspire children, creating an atmosphere where they can explore, question, and discover while developing a lifelong love for learning.

Cultivates Independence

Individualized Attention

Tailored Curriculum

Develops Daily Life Skills

Mixed Age Groups

Hands On Learning